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Robb Cooper

Robb Cooper initiated his entertainment industry career in 1977 as a sub-agent at Diamond Artists Talent Agency in Los Angeles. Diamond Artists was a full service talent agency anchored by an industry icon named Abner (Abby to his friends and clients) J. Greshler who began the careers of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis back in the 40's.

After leaving Diamond Artists in 1980, Robb started his own talent agency and Arcee Productions Entertainment Company was born. Robb began his new agency with his first artist which was Debbie Jacobs who was being mentored by Marc Kreiner, Rusty Garner, Paul Sabu and MCA Records. Robbs artist roster began to grow steadily with artists such as Sylvester, Jeanie Tracy, Loverde, Paul Parker, Nick Straker, Jo-Carol (JoLo), Jessica Williams, Helen Reddy, The Weathergirls, Linda Clifford, Pamala Stanley, Taka Boom, LaWanda Page, Lois Bromfield, Big Ed, Pudgy, and Chaka Khan to name but a few.

Robb continued to book nationally and internationally concentrating on LGBT clubs and large events but it wasn't enough. He adored working with his artists but wanted more so he joined a local Los Angeles talent agency and began working with A-list artists as a sub-agent booking venues over 10,000 capacity.

In 1995 Robb decided he needed to slow down a bit and began working part time at home as he began fostering special needs children who stole his heart. As of this writing Robb has fostered and mentored over 37 special needs children and is currently raising a grand nephew with whom he adores. Robb continued to work with his own circle of artists although his responsible artist roster started at 25 he diminished that to working exclusively with 7 artists until he made the decision to leave the booking agency business and become a personal manager (Artists Manager).

In 2010 Robb started Robb Cooper Media Management focusing on music and theatrical (TV) artists.

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