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Please Don't Book The Fake LIME !

You should know that JOY DORRIS and ROB HUBERTZ have never sung on ANY Lime recording yet they have been appearing as Lime without authorization from the true recording artists (Denis and Denyse LePage) nor have they received any approval from Unidisc Records

Lime News!

Hello Lime Fans!

We're BACK and ready to hit the tour season with a vengeance. Our booking agents are accepting show dates as you read this. In the meantime, check back often for show dates here and on our Lime Facebook pages:

Lime Fans International featuring Denyse LePage and Jean Claude Beliveau

Lime-The Original Denyse LePage

Please be aware that the fakes have their own Facebook page so please refrain from visiting "Lime the Group" as it's all propaganda, innuendo and hearsay and yes we are diligently dealing with it legally.

If you are interested in booking Lime in your favorite club or venue, please feel free to contact our agent:

Linda Lewis

(856) 778-3081

For management/publicity information:

Robb Cooper

(760) 464-0500

Toll Free: (800) 617-8161

Much love from Denyse and Jean Claude!



Robb Cooper Does It Better!

I have been working with Robb Cooper for over 35 years. I have found him to be ethical and professional at all times.

Cissy Katz, event planner

Chris Cowley's AGENT 808 featuring Denyse LePage

New Release on KHB Music - January 11, 2019

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